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How Does A Experienced Power Engineer Working of DC Power Supply?

The rapid development of electronic information technology has promoted the power technology rapid progress, but also has brought unprecedented opportunities and challenges for power engineering and technical personnel, as we know, small to appliances, large to large power industry used equipment working of dc power supply, all need Power to provide energy, which also requires a large number of power engineers with the level of expertise to complete the design and development.

working of dc power supply

The power engineer mainly refers to the switch, communications, equipment etc power supply design and research and development work related personnel.

How does a Experienced engineer working of dc power supply?

  1. Take power supply design requirements! Assess the cost, the feasibility of the program.
  2. According to customer quotes! Given the general cost of components and production costs, and design the feasibility of the circuit.
  3. Conceive the schematic! Determine the selected power tube, transformer, the most stable and simple production program.
  4. According to the schematic diagram, design PCB with the customer template requirements or shell requirements .
  5. According to the schematic diagram, assemble the appropriate components, adjust the electrical parameters. Let the machine work properly in the minimum requirements.
  6. Load test, when the power up to 80%, check the output waveform, voltage requirements, electromagnetic performance, power tube temperature, voltage stability, conversion efficiency. In this process, adjust the electronic components parameters appropriately.
  7. Strengthen the test! That is, super negative, short circuit, low pressure, over voltage, strong temperature, shock and other tests.
  8. According to the sample to determine the exact parameters of the schematic diagram, set the azimuth map material map, issued to the production department, warehouse management, Merchandiser, to prepare the small batch production of the model.
  9. Be serious to test of the sample, if all the performances OK, sent evaluation the customer. Everything points are all OK, you can mass production.
  10. After the production of the project, power engineer has to track, improve, to send the clients goods at the shortest possible time.

The above ten points show the experienced power engineer in the working dc of power supply process, which it is a very credible and high requests listed, but don’t show how the parameters come out, we will introduce it in the next post.


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