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Why We Need A powersupply?

Why we need a powersupply? Many students may not understand why we connect the power device after that we still need a powersupply inside? Let’s look at the universal computer to talk about it. We are very interested in the DIY hardare parts,whether it is good or bad quality, but we seldom concern their working principle.


Why we need a powersupply



If you don’t know powersupply system at all, may be upset by a issued question, why the power must get through the powersupply to make the computer hardware work? This has to start from the powersupply working process.


The role of powersupply is to convert household high-voltage alternating current into pure low-voltage direct current.



When the main power come into the powersupply, the first go through the choke coil and capacitor filter to remove high-frequency clutter and interference signals, and then through the rectification and filtering to get high-voltage direct current. And then through the switch circuit to high-voltage DC into high-frequency pulsating direct current, and then send high-frequency switching transformer buck. And finally filter out the high-frequency AC part, so that the computer can use the relatively pure low-voltage direct current.

Through the above simple discussion, we should get a better idea. The voltage of the household circuit is 220V, but what we are familiar with the computer accessories voltage is only a few bits of volts, such as the most powerful civilian CPU – i7-5960X standard voltage is only 1.209V. So why can we feel ease in the power of non-boot state disassembly accessories? That is because we can get the low-voltage direct current after the powersupply.




Maybe you still do not understand till this step, that’s totally OK, I will show you this figure to make you understand clearly, this picture will be able to tell you everything. As shown above, the general process inside the power supply is: high voltage common frequency input → one, two level EMI filter circuit (filter) → full bridge circuit rectifier (rectifier) + large capacity high voltage filter capacitor (filter) → high voltage DC switch Transistor → high frequency pulsating direct current → switching transformer (transformer) → low voltage high frequency AC → low voltage filter circuit (rectifier, filter) → stable low voltage DC output.

Now do you completely understand the real reason of the title– Why we need a powersupply?

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