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Low Standby Consumption Power Solution Selection

The EU electronic product / shutdown mode of the EuP energy consumption directive implementation measures have been in force on Jan 6th 2009, and its ecological design requirements is the same as and July last year by the European Commission for Ecological Design Management approved draft in 2015. The manufacturer must meet the requirements of Phase 1 before January 6th, 2010, and the second phase of the request will be met on January 6, 2013. CHONDA POWER take a look at the specific requirements of the second phase of the EuP Energy Directives.


                    AC DC CONVERTER 1W

  • the product in the shutdown or standby mode, the product power consumption should be less than 0.5 W
  • with the re-start or display instructions to start the product to be less than 0.5W
  • with information or status display, combined with the re-start or show the instructions to start again to be less than 1W.

How should we deal with such requirements in product design? What options should be chosen?

1# Use Isolated Power Supply Module

This design is used in most industrial applications. This power solution has considered the module’s static power consumption and isolated voltage values of isolated power converter. Also, the use of modular power can quickly achieve product features, improve product quality and consistency also have a greater help.


● High efficiency to 86%
● Low stand by consumption 0.1W
● Input Voltage: 85~265VAC(110~370VDC)
● Continues short circuit, self-recovery
● Through EN60950

2#  Use of Non-isolated Power Supply Chip Power Solution

Where is the application of non-isolated applications? Small appliances or some can not be isolated on the motor control board, can use non-isolated high voltage Buck circuit to achieve. This circuit is used for the occasion for isolated application and the output power is non-big. This program is relatively low cost, the circuit is simple, but because of non-isolated applications, the security is much worse than the isolated power module.


power solution

this chip contains a high-voltage MOS tube, the external parts just need one inductor, a diode, two capacitors can achieve high voltage buck function. At the same time this circuit can achieve low standby power consumption requests, the nominal voltage 220VAC input static power consumption can be controlled below 0.15W.

For any other power solution, please contact CHONDA POWER technical department for further discussion.Many thanks for your attention.

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