12V to 400V output switching mode dc dc converter

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Project Description

12V to 400V output switching mode dc dc converter

Mainly founction features:

Input output lsolation:  adopt the compeletely isolation design 1500VDC/1min

Protection:  input over voltage protection,short circuit over voltage protection 

Outline sealed:  ultra-thin small integration design, high efficiency high density

Cooling method:  Natural cooling, without additional radiator

Rohs: match Rohs                                        

Technical features:

Input voltage range:  10V-18V (usally use 9V-18v,but the 10V start will be better)

Output voltage and current :  400V/8W voltage adjust range  ±10%

Transient :  overshoot magnitude; ±5%V   Recovery time 200us

Effect :  source effect: ±2%V   Effect of load ±5%V

Protection:  over voltage, over current, short circuit


   A  working termperature-25-75  

   B  storage temperature-40-85

Output voltage steady regulation accuracy :    ±1%    

MTBF :  10*100000 hours

Isolation Voltage:   input and output  1500VDC

Dimensions :   50.8*25.4*11.2 mm 

Products model type:

100-600V high output 8W products type

Introduction of Each Department

Marketing Department
This department is responsible for communicating with clients, explore the new and potential customer and follow the old customer,conducting market surveys, visiting clients regularly to build long-term relationships with clients and making feedback for clients’ demand and advice as soon as possible.
Finance Department

To make the budget and finance rules of the company,and confirm the each order compeleted sucessfully. assit the sales department follow the order process.
R&D Department

Focused on the AC DC converter and DC DC converter products,we are to build various kinds of high throughput power modules on the basis of our self-built models and analyse the special power module for the customer needs. To invent new product is our mainly target. we use the advanced  technologies to provide our clients the personalized, normalized and standardized testing services, which can ensure each client get the credible results.
Working shop Department

We provide the service for the sales representives to make guarantee the lead time and the best quality. to make sure the order constantly working done.

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12V TO 400V

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