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CHONDA INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY CO.LTD is a rapidly growing international High Voltage DC-DC converter company which is committed to provide inexpensive and high quality regulator products to customers, especially in the Military and Medicare Industries. The primary focus of the company is to sell a great range of high quality products at  unbeatable prices. Currently, we are dealing in products that include converters, i.e. high voltage DC-DC converter and  AC to DC Converter.  Solar Power is kind of DC-DC converter.

Solar power module usually short name as solar power, these PV solar power has 200-1200VDC very high voltage input,high reliable and self-protection etc terms, mostly used for  photovoltaic industry power supply, application in the combiner box, controllers, solar systems etc., can provide customers with devices stable operating voltage, but also comes with output short-circuit protection and multiple protection features, greatly enhance the safety performance of the module power supply under abnormal conditions and load.

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5-25W Ultra-Wide 200-1000VDC High Voltage Input DC DC Converter

5-25W Ultra-Wide 200-1000VDC High Voltage Input DC DC Converter Features:  Ultra-wide voltage input range: 100-1000Vdc or 200-1200Vdc  Output voltage: 5v 9v 12v 15v 24v 48v (Single & Dual Output)  Output power: 5w 10w 15w 20w 25w 60w  Ultra-small package, high power density  High efficiency, ultra-low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection

Advantages and Disadvantages of BOOST and BUCK circuit

1# Advantages and Disadvantages of BOOST and BUCK circuit Today, CHONDA technology wana to share the Advantages and Disadvantages of BOOST and BUCK circuit knowledge. If you want to boost voltage, can use boost circuit only, and step-down or buck can use buck circuit or linear regulator. In fact, whether it is

How Does DC DC Buck Converter Circuit Work ?

1# Why does step-down circuit named buck circuit? Buck Converter's function is to reduce the voltage, the input voltage down (buck down) converted into a lower output voltage, it is also known as step-down converter (Step-Down Converter), and Buck Converter seems to has no meaning to research the history of the name(