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How To Make AC to DC Converter ?

How To Make AC to DC Converter ?

Power is like a policy – you know you need it, but you’d rather never use it. Similarly, your next generation of electronic and electronic products can not be separated from power. On the other hand, the power supply is not the same as the insurance policy, because in the past 20 years, insurance policy has been rising prices, and power is getting smaller and smaller, more and more power, the cost is getting lower and lower. Reducing the size of the power supply becomes the necessary factor for the goal to achieve. So how to make ac to dc converter is not so easy as before, as we wana to close the target to make the lowest cost and smallest size ac dc converter.

For AC / DC power supplies, this trend is not a new breakthrough in technology, but a good design, and innovative combination of the advantages performance power. This article will discuss the common 100W-200W AC / DC power supply design, which emphasizes the combination of a variety of programs to design the smallest cost minimum power supply, and achieve the highest efficiency and application flexibility.


how to make ac to dc converter

Input filter

use two-stage filter minimizes the power profile and enables high common mode and differential noise reduction. If you stack the components vertically, you can save board space while improving cooling.

Power factor correction circuit (PFC)

Since the price of silicon carbide diodes has fallen in the past two years, most of power industrials use silicon carbide. The reverse current characteristic allows the silicon carbide diodes don’t need a snubber circuit, thus saving 5-6 components. In addition, silicon carbide diodes can improve about 1% efficiency. If you use a ladder sensor, you can provide high inductance at high input lines and support the most likely large flow density at low input lines. Using the Continuous Induction Mode (CCM) operation in the input range, could remain the the minimum peak conversion current and input filter requirements.

Main converter

use resonant topologies can basically eliminate switching losses. Which not only improves power efficiency, but also allows the power supply to use smaller heat sinks. In real use, it is sometimes to replace the metal substrate with a ceramic substrate in the power transistor. Ceramic substrates can reduce noise and thus simplify the filtering process. This is because the heat sink does not have a capacitance coupled to the loss of the switching MOSFETS. In addition, use ceramic heat sink creepage distance is shortern than the metal heat sink required distance , which greatly saves the board space.

Output rectifier

Where the switching MOSFETS is used instead of the output rectifier diode for synchronous rectification. This can greatly reduce power consumption to improve efficiency. For example, a forward voltage of 0.5V diode at 20A the power consumption is 10W. If you use a MOSFET with a resistance of 14mOhm when turned on, the maximum power consumption is only 5.6W, compared with didde comsumption, there are 44% energy saved.

Control circuit

Semiconductor manufacturers have recently been developing integrated control circuits for power supplies. This can reduce the number of components, reduce manufacturing costs and save board space, even if the integrated circuit itself may be more expensive than discrete components. Such as the IR1150, a PFC chip that can be used as a single-cycle control (OCC) device to significantly reduce the number of components while maintaining power system performance. Similarly, the main converter voltage control, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection and over-temperature protection can be performed via a special application chip and the output rectifier is controlled. In addition, the flexibility of the application can be improved by synchronizing the single-boot source, by means of logic control to turn off the power supply suppression circuit, “power state good” signal, backup converter control function and other control channels. When the AC power is present, the standby converter can provide 5V output separately.

These four factors are necessary to considerate when make the ac dc converter, my friend, do you understand how to make ac to dc converter now?

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