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DC DC width input converter

Power module can be directly mounted on the printed circuit board, power supply has two types, a step-down and step up, its characteristic can be devided into application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), digital signal processor (DSP), microprocessor, memory, field programmable gate array (FPGA) and other digital or analog load to provide power supply.

DC  DC converter power module are realized by the concept of switch power supply. DC – DC converter has a step-down and step up. If send 10V to DC – DC converter, DC – DC converter has internal oscillator and chopping module, for example, in a time period allows 10 v get through, another time is not allowed to 10 v get through (equal to 0 v). And on the output side has a filtering capacitor, as long as the capacitance is large enough, the result is equivalent to the middle of the pulse waveform of calculus, and a 5 v dc output waveform.

The set down process has successfully against the power exhausted on the power modules. and internal shock part control the duty ratio can change the value of the output voltage (within 10 v), making the output constantly (such as DC – DC converter input range is from 6 v to 16 v, output 5V, only if within the scope of this input, the output is 5 v ,there are only zero point zero a few volts difference.


  • Small dimension,high reliable
  • Output voltage stability,accuracy ±3%
  • High performance price
  • Multipal input and output
  • Build-in input filter,lowe electromagnetic compatiblility features
  • aluminum shell sanded oxidation, six sides shielding
  • typical application: industrial instruments, digital circuit, electronic communication equipment, satellite navigation, remote sensing, remote sensing and ground communication of scientific research equipment, and other field.

input characteristic

input voltage range:9VDC-18VDC,18VDC-36VDC,36VDC-     72VDC, 72VDC-144VDC ,9VDC-36VDC

output characteristic

  • Transient :  overshoot magnitude; ±5%V   Recovery time :200us
  • Effect :  source effect: ±2%V   Effect of load :±5%V
  • Protection:  over voltage, over current, short circuit
  • Temperature:
    working termperature:-25-75℃
    storage temperature:-40-85℃
    humidity: 10RH~90RH
    Max shell temperature: +90 degree
  • Output voltage steady regulation accuracy :    ±1%
  • MTBF :  8*100000 hours
  • Isolation Voltage:   input and output  1500VDC
  • Ripple and noise: ≤50mVpk-p

DC DC converter application areas

  •  Power,  mainly on integrator and electric meter and smart meters
  •  Industrial control,  industrial control field
  •  Health care, medical equipment, mainly to protect the tire gauge, monitor, etc. 4. Military, Military industry is very widely used In the military equipment.

DC DC converter Several indicators

  • power P = UI
  • input voltage has AC input and DC input
  • output voltage is DC output mostly,but also has AC output
  • working temperature
  • isolation voltage: isolation voltage isolation is the separation of the output and input circuit.there are several founctions below:
    1.  current transformation
    2.  in order to avoid interference between input and output
    3.  the huge difference between input and output circuit of signal characteristics, such as with weak signal control of high voltage equipment, package size have a pin, patch, and screw.
  • Output has a single output, dual output and multipal output. general speaking, this power module is called load point (POL) power supply system or use some power supply system (PUPS). Because there are a lot of the advantages of the modular structure, power module is widely used in switching equipment, access equipment, mobile communications, microwave communications and optical transmission, routers and other communications and automotive electronics, aerospace, dc-dc-width-input-converter etc.

DC DC converter advantages

Different suppliers launch a variety of different power supply modules. In the market, they all have the different input voltage, output power, functions. Using the power module can save development time, make the product put into the marketed be faster, so the power supply module is much more welcome than that of integrated solutions.

Power module has the following several advantages:

  1. Each DC DC converter module can be individually strict testing, to ensure its highly reliable, including electric testing, to eliminate substandard products. In contrast,integrated solution is difficult to test, because the entire power supply system and other functions of circuit system is closely linked together.
  2.  Different suppliers can design the same DC DC converter module. To offer the engineers difference options.
  3. Each module design and test shall be conducted in accordance with the standards of performance, which can help to reduce the adoption of new technology on the wind cost.
  4.  If adopt the intergrated solutions, once the power supply systems is broken down, requiring to replace the main board to proceed working. but if use DC DC converter power module instead, just replace the converter module shall work normally, which can save cost dc dc width input converter and the research time.