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All products compile CHONDA’s advanced process with the company’s strong expertise design and research to produce the best in class products to offer to the customers. The products are dressed up step-down, step-up and multi-output systems, categories as dc-dc-converter fixed input converter, DC DC width input converter, AC to DC converter,100V-500V high voltage output converter and 100V-1000V high input voltage converter, applications in railway, instruments, car, tracker, etc..
The relatively low voltage dc-dc-converter have following characteristics:

1.Small dimension, high reliable
2.Output voltage stability, accuracy ±3%
3.High-performance price
4.Multiple input and output
5.Build-in input filter,lowe  electromagnetic compatibility features
6.aluminum shell sanded oxidation, six sides shielding
7.typical application: industrial instruments, digital circuit, electronic communication equipment, satellite navigation, remote sensing, remote sensing and ground communication of scientific research equipment, and other fields

1. input characteristic
input voltage range:9VDC-18VDC,18VDC-36VDC,36VDC- 72VDC,72VDC-144VDC 9VDC-36VDC
2. output characteristic
Transient : overshoot magnitude; ±5%V Recovery time :200us
Effect : source effect: ±2%V Effect of load :±5%V
Protection: over voltage, over current, short circuit
A working termperature:-25-75℃
B storage temperature:-40-85℃
C humidity: 10RH~90RH
D Max shell temperature: +90 degree
Output voltage steady regulation accuracy : ±1%
MTBF : 8*100000 hours
Isolation Voltage: input and output 1500VDC
Ripple and noise: ≤50mVpk-p

The other high voltage dc-dc converter mostly used for solar power systems. CHONDA design a new economic photovoltaic inverter series, this kind of series promoted basis on the many customer requests, compared with other dc-dc-converter products, this series will make high efficiency up to 5%-12%,widely used for solar systems and the high change frequency occasions.


CHONDA high voltage power modules convert the power from the photovoltaic arrays and supply for the monitoring system, solving the problem of separately building mains which are expensive and difficult to maintain.

They can be widely used in high voltage applications, such as PV combiner box, PV inverter, wind power inverter, solar systems, solar string monitoring, and high voltage storage applications, etc.

Mainly functional features:
Input: dc-dc-converter wide input voltage 100-1000VDC
Input: dc-dc-converter wide input voltage 210-1200VDC
Protection: input over voltage protection, short circuit over voltage protection
Outline sealed: ultra-thin small integration design, high efficiency high density
Cooling method: Natural cooling, without additional radiator
Power: 5-25W
Industrial standard products design, international size

General characteristic:
Working temperature: -40℃~+55℃
Power reduction rate: 3.75% / ℃
Storage temperature: -40℃~+105℃
Outshell temperature: +80℃ max
Cut off current time: 80ms (typ)/ at VIN: 100VDC
Start delay time: 500ms (typ)/ at VIN: 1200VDC
Dynamic response: 25% standard load move rate ±4%/500uS
Humidity: 95% max
Temperature drift: 0.02%/℃
Switching frequency: 65-100 kHz (typ)
Efficiency: 75 %(typ)
Insulation: 4000VDC/1Min(special 3000VAC)
Insulation resistance input to output : 500Vdc 100000G
Leakage current:0.03mA RMS typ. 1200VDC
Safety class: CLASS Ⅰ
MTBF: >215,000h @25℃

Suggestion typically application ( can promote the EMI/EMC )

Input filter parts:
1. if the products used for the high EMC occasions, where have to add “EMC filter”, C4: advise 0.33uF/2000VDC or higher capacitance value, NF: common mode choke advise 30MH
2. MOV voltage dependent resistor, Model: 152KD14,need two in series connection. you can connect by real situation to protect power module when lighting stroke the surge. Fuse have choose the high stand voltage fuses,0.5A-1A.NTC use 5D-9 be available.

Input start parts:
RD1 is resistance for 25KΩ,advise watts 10W,
RD2 is resistance for 200KΩ,advise 50W, allow the start time, the resistance can be changed from 200KΩ-3MΩ,the smaller resistance, the faster the start time.