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Work with a qualified partner you can trust!


CHONDA collaborates with and supports some good brand businesses around the globe, providing convertes and electronics where and when our clients need it. Our work helps ensure proper certification and greater market access, the ability to meet product performance and quality metrics, and the promotion and reputation. We improve the value proposition of our clients’ products through the strength and robustness of our services, Hence, more and more new  clients join the CHONDA family all the time.


Client testimonials:



When CHONDA responded instantly with a full range of services – without balking at the time line – we knew we
have found right partner.



The engineers we’ve worked with are knowledgeable and helpful and quick to offer solutions to meet our needs… they truly get the job done. That is why we are gradually switching all of our products to the factory.



We appreciate a partner like CHONDA. They keep the customer as their main focus and provide a high level of customer satisfaction.