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24v AC to DC Converter Circuit to Make LED Light

Today, CHONDA POWER will show you how to make a LED light, with simple components and the 24v ac to dc converter circuit to achieve direct access to the mains voltage 220v is stable, try to consider the voltage fluctuations and temperature and other factors.


24v ac to dc converter circuit


1# When designing the circuit, you should test the exact value of the load current, and then select the capacity of the buck capacitor according to the sample. As through the step-down voltage capacitor C1 to provide the load Io, which it is real Ic through the charge / discharge current C1. If C1 capacity is larger, capacity anti-Xc is smaller, then flows through the C1 current with charge or discharge current is bigger. When the load current Io is less than the C1 charge and discharge current, the extra current will flow through the regulator, if the maximum allowable current Idmax is less than Ic-Io can cause the regulator tube burned.

2# To ensure reliable operation of C1, the voltage choice should be greater than twice the power supply voltage.

3# Leakage resistor R1 must ensure that the charge on C1 is released during the required time.

Now you have get the power solution of  24v ac to dc converter circuit to make the board, or you can buy some cheap IC parts to finish your project, here is the datasheet for your reference.


  • Wide lnput Voltage :85 -264VAC or 110- 370VDC
  • lsolation voltage: 3000VAC/1mA
  • Efficiency: Up to 83% Custom Design Availbale
  • Output Short Circuit Condition
  • Overvoltage protection Thermal Shutdown Protection
  • Ripp le & n oi se ( 20M H z Band Width): 50mVp- p
  • Operation Temperature: -40~+80°C
  • RoHS compliant
  • MTBF > 1000000H rs

Products type

24v ac to dc converter circuit


Widely used in all kinds of digital instrument and intelligent instruments. such as Industrial control and DC system, switching system,A/D and D/A, railway, NCIT, cell phone, semiconductor laser, display screens, monitoring -equipment, petrochemical industry, portable instrument, medical instrument, self-control device, anti-theft alarm, handle instrument,digital circuit, IC card electric meter, AC AC control unit, Communication facility, data acquisition, instruments and meters, peaceful against monitoring equipment, industrial control equipment, automatic control installment, security warning, IC card table, IC card telephone, air conditioning computer controller, domains and so on battery charge.

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